Although the number of H-1B filings was down for this year's cap, the cap was greatly exceeded and a lottery selection has been made. Of the 199,000 petitions submitted, approximately 85,000 H-1Bs will be granted. 

Receipt notices are being sent for those lucky enough to have made the lottery, with rejection packages expected soon thereafter. In past years, the notifications have taken weeks to send out, even up to a couple of months.

Compared to prior years, the number of submissions this year was down. Last year, 236,000 petitions were submitted for the H-1B cap, and 233,000 the year before. Even with the drop to 199,000 this year, this still leaves applicants with about a 50/50 chance to make the lottery. And not all cases selected in the lottery will be approved. USCIS accepts more than 85,000 petitions based on an algorithm predicting the number of cases it expects to deny.  

The USCIS announcement regarding the H-1B lottery selection is available here: